Etalon Show de Moulins 2013 : toutes les vidéos

A un degré celcius près, évitant le verglas d'un souffle, Galop Allier a pu profiter de la récompense de ses efforts. Car ce syndicat désormais présidé par Sylvie Le Gall a atteint son but : mettre sur pied un grand rendez-vous d'étalons de Galop dans le Centre-Est.
1 FLECHAZO Absent Jumenterie de la Rivière
2 CENTENNIAL   VIDEO Haras de la Clayette
3 BUCK'S BOUM   VIDEO Haras d'Enki
3A   Carla des Neiges (Buck's Boum) VIDEO Haras d'Enki
3B   Big Turtie  (Buck's Boum) VIDEO Haras d'Enki
4 PRINCE ARCH   VIDEO Haras du Broussard
5 RACINGER    VIDEO Haras de Cercy-la-Tour
6 RYOKAN   VIDEO Jumenterie de la Rivière
6A   Cœur de Lou (Ryokan) VIDEO Alain Aupetit
7 LUCARNO   VIDEO Haras de Saint Voir
8 HELIOSTATIC Absent Haras des Brousses
9 LORD DU SUD   VIDEO Haras du Favry
10 LAVEROCK   VIDEO Haras de Treban
10A   Bienheureux (Laverock) VIDEO Haras de Saint Voir
10B   Bonjour Bonsoir (Laverock) VIDEO Haras de Saint Voir
11 CHEF DE CLAN Absent Jumenterie de la Rivière
11 bis SADDLER MAKER   VIDEO Haras de Cercy-la-Tour
12 KAP ROCK   VIDEO Haras de la Clayette
13A   Content d’Etre Là (Caballo Raptor) VIDEO Elevage de Sivola
13B   Cougar de Sivola  (Caballo Raptor) VIDEO Elevage de Sivola
14 EPALO Absent Jumenterie de la Rivière
15 NOROIT    VIDEO Elevage de Sivola
16 POLICY MAKER   VIDEO Haras de Cercy-la-Tour
16A   Polkarena (Policy Maker) VIDEO Jean Arnaud
17 SHAANMER   VIDEO Haras National d’Aurillac
18 DESIR D’UN SOIR   VIDEO Elevage Lacombe
19 KHALKEVI   VIDEO Haras de Treban
20 UNGARO Absent Jumenterie de la rivière
21 ANZILLERO   VIDEO Haras d’Enki
21A   Canzillero (Anzillero) VIDEO Thierry Lemoine
22 GREY RISK   VIDEO Haras National d’Aurillac
22A   Royalgrey (Grey Risk) VIDEO Dominique Chenu
23 AGENT BLEU Absent Jumenterie de la Rivière


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Fanni - 25-10-2014 08:42
Ben Shaw This race looks like being the race of the festival, and now Jason Maguire has got hieslmf suspended for the ride on Peddlers Cross who will ride him? Graham Lee perhaps?This race revolves around Binocular for me, his performance in this race last year when winning in scintilating style cemented he was at his best in the spring and he should outclass these.Hurricane Fly is an interesting selection but that Montjeu stat is too much for myself to get involved, I wish him well however as he is a class animal.Ben
Mariko - 11-10-2015 11:37
Monksfield Despite it looking like Jason Maguire has lost the mount of Peddlers Cross due to seoupnsisn, this horse simply oozes class. The added benefit of Donald McCains horse is that he only does just enough, so that run at Kelso last time isn't a reflection of his true ability thats just the way he is.As we saw at Cheltenham last year, he is a class animal on his day and he'll grind these speedsters into the ground up that hill, his hurdling reminds me of Istabraq, very fast and nimble.
Reema - 11-10-2015 12:09
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